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Remote Networking

Want the latest system, got a nasty virus you can't get rid of, we can help you!

Remote Networking

Use your home and office PC from anywhere in real time. After a quick installation, EUS provides a secure and fast access to your PC from any web browser anytime you need it. Be more flexibile and save time.

Your organisation could be set up and running with EUS in minutes. We provide a simple and secure remote access to an unattended computer over the Internet. Implementation is quick and easy. Once installed, you can securely access the remote computer by means of just 1 click and a password.

Experience the flexibility of accessing and controling your computer anytime. No matter how far you are.



This will allow you the following:-

  • Access your office PC. Avoid traffic peaks.
  • Go on a business trip carefree. Your files are just a click away.
  • Use your PC when traveling. Check your mailbox, use an application, etc.
  • Service your client's PCs whenever needed.
The remote access service works fast, is reliable and available 24/7.

Please call us or come in store for a quote and you'll be set up in no time.




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