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PC And Laptop M.O.T

Want the latest system, got a nasty virus you can't get rid of, we can help you!

PC And Laptop M.O.T


Does your computer seem slower than when you originally first purchased it? Our comprehensive PC an Laptop M.O.T service will fine tune your PC increasing its speed, performance and reliability. Over the years PC's and Laptops can slow down due to Spyware, Virus's, cookies, Temp files etc.




Does My PC Need An M.O.T ?

  • Is it slower compared to when you first bought the system?
  • Does it keep freezing, crashing or give error messages?
  • Has it had an M.O.T in the last 6 months?
  • Have you had a virus and removed it but not sure if it has totally gone?
  • Is your PC noisier than it should be?
  • Do programs take too long to load up?
  • Have you lost files?
  • Has your internet slowed down?
  • Do you want to reduce the chance of system failure in the future?



We Provide The Following To Enhance Your PC'c Speed, Performance And Reliability

Scan of both hardware and software for removal of Viruses and Spyware using professional software tools.
Micrologic Computer Supplies

Removal of Pop ups, Cookies, deletion of Temp Files and start up program de-clutter.

Micrologic Computer Supplies
Clean the interior and exterior of the PC or Laptop.
Micrologic Computer Supplies

Full configuration and installation of Windows Updates and hardware drivers.

Micrologic Computer Supplies

Disk maintenance – Defragmenter, cleanup & error checking.

Micrologic Computer Supplies


If you don't see the service you require, please call us or come in store. We will analyse the computer system, and tell you what work is needed.



















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