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Data Destruction

Want the latest system, got a nasty virus you can't get rid of, we can help you!

Computer Destruction


At EUS our clients recognise that in data destruction 99% security is NO Security at all.

Your unwanted equipment could be recycled, redeployed, or resold however, whatever the solution you choose, it is critical that all existing data and identification is removed from your storage media.




There Are Three Major Areas Of Risk:-

  • Your reputation could be seriously damaged if ANY information is left on the storage media and subsequently reported to the press.
  • Your hard discs or other storage media could contain confidential customer or employee information that could breach legislation such as the Data Protection Act if it was released accidentally.
  • You could compromise your own competitiveness if sensitive commercial information is left on the storage media.


Data Destruction Procedures

We use exacting, quality-controlled, fully documented procedures to ensure 100% erasure of your data and identification.This service is carried out in our secure workshop. All equipment brought back to our premises is unloaded immediately and priority is given to any items with a hard drive. These drives are then removed immediately for security purposes and securely wiped to remove all residual data that may be stored on them.This involves the use of software that complies with the M.O.D data erasure standard.

  • When successful, a “Hard Drive Sanitised” label is attached to the item and a software generated certificate produced as confirmation of erasure. The Engineer enters their name and date within the Data Erasure field as part of our internal recording and audit process.
  • Once wiped, tested and asset recorded any complete PC units for re-sale are then stripped of all signs of previous ownership.
  • All drives are securely transported to our specialist metals recycling partner, where they are ground down to their final powder state.


Security Standards

Our data destruction processes achieve the highest security standards, including international defence standards. This protects your confidential business data and ensures compliance with data protection legislation and software licensing agreements.











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